Burnt Orange Morning

Burnt Orange Morning-0402 I was sifting through some photos yesterday and asking my husband's opinion of some. He picked this one out as one he liked. Funny, I was considering deleting it. To me, it didn't particularly leap out as anything special. It was taken very early one morning back in the first days of Spring. Infact, Mark got me out of bed saying I should look at the amazing colours from our deck and I might want to get my camera. This got me to thinking about beauty, perceptions, points of view and truth. He saw something in this photo that I casually dismissed as 'not one of my best'. We are both 'right'. So is all a matter of opinion? Are there any absolutes? I would say yes, there are. After all, we would both agree there are trees in this photo and there is a sky. But we may interpret and invoke meaning differently. So thanks dear, for stopping me from consigning this one to the virtual bin.