RetreatI went on a silent retreat a couple of weeks ago. The whole weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon was spent mostly in silence. There is much I could say about the experience. I could talk about how wonderful it was, how hard it was, how peaceful it was, how challenging it was and so on. There are many lessons in silence but one is this - silence teaches you how hard it is for us in the West to retreat. We are surrounded by so much activity,(much of it good I should add) but still, how difficult we find it to simply 'be'. I am very very guilty of this. I must always be doing something or else it is a waste of time. Being on retreat teaches one that we are more than our activities. We learn to look at ourselves and proclaim with confidence that we are made in God's image and we are supremely loved aside from anything we do or don't do. He is. And I am. That is sufficient for today.