Close ups

Outdoor Soccer Season

Outdoor Soccer SeasonWith the last of the snow gone and the tulips about to bloom, it's time for new soccer shoes. And how bright and shiny they are, even if only for a little while. Of course they shouldn't stay like this. They were meant to get dirty and scuffed and enjoyed whilst kicking a ball around. What a waste of money if they stayed in their box. So here's to a great outdoor season. May these boots do their best! Go Phoenix!


Frozen-5416For days I kept walking past the frozen bush at the side of my neighbour's house. I kept thinking what a cool set of photographs this little bush, incarcerated in icicles would make. This week, the temperatures have slowly been rising,(thank goodness I might add), so I knew time was short. I'm glad I finally grabbed my camera and took the opportunity before it was gone. Now, if only I could always live my life that way.


Yellow Delight-5259My Mum-in-law died recently. It was a shock. It was sudden. It was a rude and cruel invasion into our otherwise happy and stable family life. We grieve our loss yet in the midst of it all, we have been sustained by beauty. The beauty that is the love and comfort of family and friends. Meals, prayers, hugs, listening ears, cards and flowers. Mum loved her garden which was a sanctuary of beauty, so it seems fitting at this time to post a photo I took of these gorgeous tulips, bought for us by dear friends. Tulips also happen to be my favourite flowers. I miss you mum.

Joyful Light

Joyful Light-4545What better time to experiment with bokeh photography (soft, out of focus for those of you who are wondering what the heck bokeh photography means) than christmas time with all its twinkling lights. Also, it's freezing outside so I am staying firmly indoors!

Time for Wine

Time for Wine-2495How do we slow down when life is fast? How do we find spaces and places to simply be? A quiet morning by yourself, a walk in a nearby park..these are all good and important. We are also called to community. To live life with others. For me, an evening with friends and family that I love, where there are no pretenses or masks, where you can move from laughing at a ridiculous joke to sitting in listening silence, where there is no agenda other than 'hanging out' is a life-giving way of pacing myself. A nice bottle of wine and good food also helps. As long as it is white wine!

Water Reeds

Water Reed myblog-3721 Water, reeds, reflections. The patterns and movement in nature can be mesmerising. I spent ages simply standing above this stretch of lake and staring at the water and the ripples. It was so quiet. And so beautiful.

Painted Beauty

Painted Lady-0855 The ongoing debate in the photography world around 'straight out of the camera' and 'it's heavily post-processed' holds little interest for me. We don't need to judge one another. We should simply enjoy the work of others for the heart from which they are produced. And if the result is joy for the creator and for those who behold the creation, that is all that matters.