Outdoor Soccer Season

Outdoor Soccer SeasonWith the last of the snow gone and the tulips about to bloom, it's time for new soccer shoes. And how bright and shiny they are, even if only for a little while. Of course they shouldn't stay like this. They were meant to get dirty and scuffed and enjoyed whilst kicking a ball around. What a waste of money if they stayed in their box. So here's to a great outdoor season. May these boots do their best! Go Phoenix!

Door Ajar

Door Ajar'The truth is that every time a door closes behind us, the rest of the world opens up in front of us. All we need to do is stop pounding on the door that is closed, turn around, and see the largeness of life that now lies open to our soul.' Parker J Palmer, 'On Minding Our Call- When No One is Calling'.

Lazying Around

Lazing AroundThere is something very decadent about lying around in a hotel room, flicking through endless channels until you settle on something mindless to watch. You are in no hurry to go anywhere and if you decide you would like to go back to sleep, you just reach for the remote control, flick off the T.V and sink back down into the pristine white sheets. Bliss.

Joyful Light

Joyful Light-4545What better time to experiment with bokeh photography (soft, out of focus for those of you who are wondering what the heck bokeh photography means) than christmas time with all its twinkling lights. Also, it's freezing outside so I am staying firmly indoors!

Sandy Blue

Sandy Blue-1391 I don't mind the snow once the storm has passed by. And the days I like it best are when the blue sky shines down on us. And the blue sky, apart from making the snow glitter and gleam, reminds me of summer skies. And summer skies take me back to a day spent on an English beach back in July of this year. And on that beach were some typically English beach huts. And I was captivated by them, all lined up in their various shades of blue. Them, and the fact that I was about to enjoy an ice cream.

Time for Wine

Time for Wine-2495How do we slow down when life is fast? How do we find spaces and places to simply be? A quiet morning by yourself, a walk in a nearby park..these are all good and important. We are also called to community. To live life with others. For me, an evening with friends and family that I love, where there are no pretenses or masks, where you can move from laughing at a ridiculous joke to sitting in listening silence, where there is no agenda other than 'hanging out' is a life-giving way of pacing myself. A nice bottle of wine and good food also helps. As long as it is white wine!

Wine Barrels

Wine Barrels-2483I have to confess that I am not a particularly discerning wine drinker. I enjoy a glass (preferably white) with a meal and I like it sweet ...the more like pop the better. (I can almost hear the disgusted sharp intakes of breath.) However, a trip to Kelowna in British Columbia meant I got to visit a winery and now, after hearing about the complexities and sheer hard work that goes into making good wine, I have a new found respect. I don't know that I will ever get to the stage of being able to discriminate between a bottle that cost 10 bucks versus 50 bucks but at least I can now appreciate the process. Anything well done is always inspiring.