Glory in the Highest

Glory in the HighestOk, I know that advent, (the 4 week period before Christmas when Christians look forward to the birth of Christ) does not start until November 30. But, try as I might, I cannot ignore the signs of this annual holiday which are all around me. My neighbours have their lights glowing, the shops are playing Christmas music non-stop and I admit, I have started some Christmas baking. So I might as well go with the flow and post this shot which makes me think of a certain story. A story where we are told that shepherds, humble ordinary folk going about their jobs, were chosen to hear incredible news and witness the sight of a Bethlehem sky filled with angels singing 'Glory to God in the Highest'!

Clouds over Lake Nakumun.

Sandy Blue

Sandy Blue-1391 I don't mind the snow once the storm has passed by. And the days I like it best are when the blue sky shines down on us. And the blue sky, apart from making the snow glitter and gleam, reminds me of summer skies. And summer skies take me back to a day spent on an English beach back in July of this year. And on that beach were some typically English beach huts. And I was captivated by them, all lined up in their various shades of blue. Them, and the fact that I was about to enjoy an ice cream.

Fall Trees

Fall TreesThis year we have actually had a fall. The colours have been spectacular and the leaves have stayed on the trees beyond the end of September! Having 4 distinct seasons is something I do miss about England. There is a natural rhythm to the year which can be plotted with the changing weather and the changing landscape. Here in Alberta, if you blink you usually miss fall and spring! Fall (or autumn as we call it in the UK) is simply lovely. Yes, there is a wistful sadness at leaving behind the glorious long days of summer but look at this beauty. What not to like?

Road through B.C

B.C Road 8x10-2622This is how we know that we have integrated fully into the Canadian culture. We made an 8 hour round trip to go to a wedding in one day. We would never have done that back in England, mainly because driving the equivalent distance would have taken us double the time! It was worth it - both for the journey's end (a lovely wedding) and for the journey itself.