Springtime Tulips?

Springtime Tulip-You never know what is around the corner. Like the NDP (New Democratic Party) winning the provincial elections by a landslide here in Alberta after 44 years out in the cold. And like how it can be nice enough to bask in the sunshine on your deck one day and have to dig out your winter coat the next. Life is full of surprises.


RetreatI went on a silent retreat a couple of weeks ago. The whole weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon was spent mostly in silence. There is much I could say about the experience. I could talk about how wonderful it was, how hard it was, how peaceful it was, how challenging it was and so on. There are many lessons in silence but one is this - silence teaches you how hard it is for us in the West to retreat. We are surrounded by so much activity,(much of it good I should add) but still, how difficult we find it to simply 'be'. I am very very guilty of this. I must always be doing something or else it is a waste of time. Being on retreat teaches one that we are more than our activities. We learn to look at ourselves and proclaim with confidence that we are made in God's image and we are supremely loved aside from anything we do or don't do. He is. And I am. That is sufficient for today.

Low Level Bridge, Henrietta Muir Edwards Park

Low Level Bridge Henrietta Muir Edwards ParkThis is one of my favorite parks in Edmonton. Located in the beautiful river valley it is a joy to go there, no matter what the season, with or without camera in hand. Those familiar with the city will see the splendid chateau-style Hotel MacDonald in the back, an iconic sight around here and built in 1912. I have yet to go inside. That will have to wait until I win the lottery (which I don't even do) or get a sweet deal!

Glory in the Highest

Glory in the HighestOk, I know that advent, (the 4 week period before Christmas when Christians look forward to the birth of Christ) does not start until November 30. But, try as I might, I cannot ignore the signs of this annual holiday which are all around me. My neighbours have their lights glowing, the shops are playing Christmas music non-stop and I admit, I have started some Christmas baking. So I might as well go with the flow and post this shot which makes me think of a certain story. A story where we are told that shepherds, humble ordinary folk going about their jobs, were chosen to hear incredible news and witness the sight of a Bethlehem sky filled with angels singing 'Glory to God in the Highest'!

Child's Fall

Child's FallIt's been a while since I posted here. Why? I have been doing a few shoots for friends so I have been busy with editing and putting the best set of pictures together and so on. That's not really a good excuse tho'. I need to be more disciplined with my blog. This photo is from one of those shoots and is a rare moment when the little girl I was chasing around sat down to play with some leaves. It gave me a rest too!

First Dance

First Dance-8778My son got married exactly a week ago. The hectic time leading up to the big day resulted in a wonderful day of celebration. I debated with myself whether to take my camera. Would that mean I would be become distracted and not fully present? That's a real danger with those of us who love to be behind a lens. I made sure my camera remained in my purse during the ceremony and I resisted the temptation to whip out my iphone as Kim, my now daughter-in-law, glided beautifully down the aisle. But I did take it out later and I think I was able to strike a balance throughout the rest of the day. All in all, I am glad I decided to take my Nikon friend along. Otherwise, I would have missed this shot!

A Chicago View

A Chicago View-7807A few weeks ago my hubby and I visited Chicago, a city of skyscrappers, museums, parks and just like any other city, crowds upon crowds. And also a river. We took a 90 minute architectural crusie which gave us the history of the many buildings gracing the waterfront of the Chicago River old and new. It was fascinating. The end point before turning around to head back down the river (or was it back up..not sure!) was the bay that meets Lake Michigan. Suddenly, it was as if we had entered another place altogether. A place of quietness, bobbing boats and a spectacular view of the city. Apart from the birds overhead, the other noise to predominate was...yep, the click clicks of the many shutter buttons on board!

Moravian Church

Moravian Church-5709This is a beautiful little church in my neighbourhood. It makes me think of the TV show 'The Little House on the Prairie' I know it's slushy and sentimental but I don't mind admitting that it was a favourite of mine growing up and I am still rather partial to it. Yes, I do have the entire box set of the whole series!

Tiny Trail

Tiny trail-4906Of course I would like to own a macro lens. But that is not likely to happen anytime soon, unless someone stumbling across my blog wants to buy one of my photographs for$1000.00. That would get me some pretty nice close up shots! Until that happens, I will content myself with my trusty kit equipment of 18-55 mm, I will get down on my knees really low and I will snap away. This was taken in my backyard just by my deck. Tiny leaves, a reminder of fall in the middle of winter.